"R.A.C. SECURITY AND RELATED SERVICES, intends to be the pre-eminent supplier of security and services throughout Queensland by using a combination of leading edge technology (in particular information technology and management systems), together with the best trained and motivated staff in the industry"
I would like to take this opportunity to introduce our business,

R.A.C. Security, Traffic Management & Related site services and the complete range of security services that we can offer your organisation. R.A.C. Security & Traffic Management is a large and well respected supplier of security patrols and guard services to industry with our Head Office based at Ipswich, West Brisbane.

 We also service the entire State of Queensland. R.A.C. Security & Traffic Management has extensive experience in the security industry, specialising in mobile patrols, static guards, Mines & Quarries, construction sites & housing developments.

R.A.C. Security & Traffic Management are trained in both Workplace Health & Safety and Risk Management.

“That” gives “Us” the leading edge in these fields.

National recgonized Trainging National recgonized Trainging

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